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The research group "Arbeitskreis Wissensbilanz"

Our mission: "Continious development and a broad practical application of the Intellectual Capital Statement as a strategic management tool". This clear mission is the cornerstone for our joint activity. In order to achieve our mission the network of experts and practitioners are continiously working  on  the scientific development and enhancement of the methodology on the one side and on the other side it provides the basis for practical training and education in this field. Thereby an ideal transfer between science and practice is being achieved.

The research group comprises the following sub-groups and communities:

Core members are skilled and experienced specialists and trainers working on the enhancement of the methodology but they also accomany and guide companies  through the implementation process of their corporate-specific Intellectual Capital Statement.

Expert group consists of renowend national and international Intellectual Capital Statement experts providing professional advice and fair comments.

Moderator network brings together all the qualified moderators, which had been trained by the research group.  These moderators can be hired by interested companies as external moderators supporting the intellectual capital statement implementation process.

Users phase I  are the hitherto existing pilot companies, which realised their intellectual capital statement according to the method promoted by the research group.

Users phase III are those companies, which are currently preparing their intellectual capital statement under the guidance of the research group. 

Partners and patrons support the development and dissemination of the intellectual capital statement method and act as multipliers in the economy, in science and in politics.

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