Award “Knowledge Manager of the Year”, Berlin 18. Mai 2005

The “Knowledge Manager of the Year” award was presented in Berlin on 18 May 2005. For the past three years, Commerzbank, Impulse magazine and the Financial Times Deutschland have presented this award for exemplary knowledge-based corporate management.

Managers from companies in all sectors can be selected for this award. Exemplary initiatives for integrated knowledge management are crucial.

Source: Commerzbank AG

The winner in the category “Less than 500 employees” is SØR Rusche GmbH. Representing the intellectual capital statement project and the 14 pilot companies involved, the jury under the scientific direction of Prof. Dr. Klaus North and Prof. Dr. Rudi Studer chose SØR Rusche GmbH as an award winning example of holistic knowledge-based management. The manufacturer of luxury brands in the men’s apparel sector, above all its dedicated managing director Dr. Thomas Rusche, demonstrated that systematic knowledge management and the focus of intellectual capital can make a lasting contribution to the company’s success. Intelligent information technology is also very important. Even more important, however, are clear corporate goals, a corresponding knowledge strategy and communication processes that enable companies to make consistent use of their knowledge.

In 2004, SØR participated in the pilot project “Intellectual Capital Statement Made in Germany” and successfully conducted a intellectual capital statement under the direction of the “Intellectual Capital Statement Working Group”.

Other prize winners were HELIOS Kliniken GmbH and GTZ, all of which were awarded ceremonially at the Commerzbank building on Pariser Platz.

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