Expert-Conference, Kranichstein, September 2005

On September 8,2005, a user workshop on the subject of “intellectual capital statement” took place in the Jagdschloss Kranichstein. The workshop served to reflect on the status quo of the project “Intellectual Capital Statement Made in Germany” and to plan the next steps of the project. The strengths and weaknesses of the intellectual capital statement were discussed in the workshop.

The pilot companies presented their experiences with the intellectual capital statement. All companies were able to report positive changes due to the introduction of the intellectual capital statement in their companies. Internally in particular, a more open communication culture was evident. The intellectual capital statement process has already had a positive learning effect on both employees and management. Intellectual capital statement serves as a central thread for decisions and enables their efficient implementation.
In addition to internal effects on corporate culture, the intellectual capital statement provides a basis for building trust with banks and investors and reducing the credit interest rate.

Anja Flicker, Reinisch AG
Birgit Winterhalter; Dr. Ingeborg Feige, Caritas
Christoffer Siebert, SOR Rusche
Rainer Offen, VR Bank
Manfred Wunderlich, Blumenbecker
Ludwig Rossgoderer, KGM
Dirk Kampe, incowia
Peter Heisig, AKWB
Markus Will, AKWB
Mark Kivikas, AKWB
Kay Alwert, AKWB
Manfred Bornemann, AKWB