ICS Guidelines

The intellectual capital statement guideline 1.0 illustrates the processes and procedures for the preparation and implementation of intellectual capital statements. It resulted from the project “Intellectual Capital Statements –  Made in Germany” funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology  and is based on the experiences made in the pilot companies. The guideline supports organisations – especially small and medium-sized enterprises in the intellectual capital statement implementation process.

The guideline can be downloaded by clicking on the following link:

Intellectual Capital Statement Guideline english

Please note, that their is an updated German version of the guideline, several more guidelines for strategy and measure development as well as a German Software Toolbox. But all are only available in German. For questions, please contact info@akwissensbilqanz.org.


InCaS – European Project 

Based on the German method of the project “Intellectual Capital Report – Made in Germany” and taking into account the European experience, the procedure was adapted . A European intellectual capital statement guideline was developed and made available to European SMEs for practical support.

European ICS Guideline