Pilot project II (2005)

Pilot project – phase II

Project titel:  “Intellectual Capital Statement – Made in Germany” phase II
Project status: concluded
Project partner: Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, Industry and SME associations
Project duration: January – October 2005


Building on the results of Phase I, the main objective of this second pilot phase is to expand the users’ circle of intellectual capital statement users under the motto “from pilot companies to a nationwide movement”. In view of the continuing trend towards a knowledge-based economy, the Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour (BMWA) saw this as a good opportunity to make German SMEs fit for knowledge competition by means of a practical management tool. For this reason, the Knowledge Balance Working Group was entrusted with the task of recruiting important multipliers and providing the largest possible network of users and consultants with the necessary know-how. Interested trainers should be given the opportunity to qualify themselves as intellectual capital statement moderators and interested managers should be enabled to quickly introduce the intellectual capital statement method in their company.


Initially, the Working Group Knowledge Balance prepared training concepts for the targeted transfer of knowledge. A one-day seminar teaches the basics of the methodology and enables potential intellectual capital statement users to “get started” directly in their company. Complemented by a detailed case study from the pilot project, the two-day intensive seminar serves to deepen and practical exercise for prospective intellectual capital statement moderators.

In cooperation with other cooperation partners, including the most important German industrial and SME associations, the Arbeitskreis Wissensbilanz organises accompanying information events and other public relations activities in all federal states in order to further increase awareness and interest for the “intellectual capital statement” instrument.

A further objective is the networking of experienced intellectual capital statement users with new interested parties and the integration of the topic into the academic education in order to allow the intellectual capital statement community to grow together continuously.