Enter the world of intellectual capital reporting!

Here you’ll find further reading on different aspects of intellectual capital reporting and on the activities of the research group “Arbeitskreis Wissensbilanz”.

ICS Guidelines


!Please note! Unfortunately the majority of information on intellectual capital reporting in Germany and the activities of the research group “Arbeitskreis Wissensbilanz” have not been translated into English yet. Hence the following links will direct you to the German websites.

Videoclips on successfully implemented intellectual capital statements of the pilot users: Blumenbecker,  SOR Rusche GmbH and VR Bank.

Information brochures provide an overview on the performance of the research group.

Literature refers to scientific publications of members of the research group and other recommended literature.

Press provides a collection of articles on intellectual capital reporting and the activities of the research group.

Intellectual capital statements of users provide a first impression on the practical application of intellectual capital reporting.

International development on intellectual capital reporting in science and politics summarized by the research group.

Links to associated projects and interesting websites on intellectual capital reporting.