Research Group

A clear mission is the cornerstone of our joint work: continuous development and the broad practical application of the intellectual capital statement as a strategic management tool. In order to ensure this, a network of experts and practitioners ensures the scientific further development of the methodology on the one hand, and user-oriented training and education on the other. This optimizes the transfer between science and practice.

The Intellectual Capital Statement Working Group consists of the following subgroups and communities:

The core team consists of experienced specialists and trainers who work on the development of methods as well as guiding company-specific intellectual capital statement introductions.

The group of experts consists of renowned national and international intellectual capital statement experts who accompany the scientific development with expert advice and criticism.

Moderator network brings together all the intellectual capital statement moderators trained by the working group, who are available as contact persons for practice.

Users Phase I are the existing pilot companies, which carry out their intellectual capital reporting using the method of the Intellectual Capital Statement Working Group.

Users of Phase III are the companies that are currently drawing up an intellectual capital statement under the guidance of the working group in Phase III.

Partners support us in the development and dissemination of the intellectual capital statement method and act as multipliers in business, research and politics.