Pilot project IV (2011)

Pilot project – phase IV

Project titel: “Intellectual Capital Statement – Made in Germany” phase IV
Project status:  concluded
Project partner: Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology
Project duration:   Autum 2008 – End 2011

Initial Situation

The project “Intellectual Capital Report – Made in Germany” has continuously gained attention during the phases I-III. Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the structured evaluation and targeted development of their intellectual capital (IK) is a strategic management task that is becoming increasingly important. The method developed in the pilot project and the supporting software “Intellectual Capital Report Toolbox V 1.0” enjoyed a continuously high demand among German companies. The intellectual capital statement is a suitable, easy-to-use instrument for future-oriented corporate management, both for the improvement of the external presentation to customers, partners or investors and for the systematic development of these intangible resources.


The aim of the next stage of the project was to finally anchor the intellectual capital statement as a sustainable management instrument in German SMEs. For the next two years, the project has set different priorities. In order to make the intellectual capital statement a definitive success, it was intended to facilitate the introduction of the method, to promote its dissemination and at the same time to ensure a sustainable anchoring. 

In Phase IV, target-group-oriented entry aids such as a rapid intellectual capital statement test wer developed and the transfer into teaching is to be accelerated. In addition to the intellectual capital statement audit, the project also revised the intellectual capital statement toolbox, developed a benchmarking system and implemented a series of follow-up projects.